Serving Our Community

We are always exploring and growing in new ways to be a safe place for people to grow and transform.

Whether through our busy Food Bank or our small groups exploring faith & healing we are always reaching further.

We are currently providing the following community programs

  • Resillience Team:
    A team focused on helping the disenfranchised find hope.
  • Kingdom Kitchen Lunch:
    Our reduced pay community lunch spot on Mondays.
  • Small Groups that Restore:
    Our men’s and women’s groups for discipleship and community.
  • Social Supermarket:
    A stepping stone food purchase program that helps bring dignity and worth to the rebuilding of a life.
  • Budget Course:
    A course geared towards learning to budget and save no matter your income.
  • Afternoon Tea:
    Once a month for retirement age and over we gather together for afternoon tea.