Serving at Mosaic Serving

What does it mean to be a Covenant Partner?

At Mosaic, we are passionate about believing, belonging and behaving in the way that Jesus taught His disciples. When you discovered Jesus, or more likely when He found you, you were accepted as you were. He revealed to you that you belong in a relationship with Him, that you were created to have a relationship with God and to know that you have arrived home. The church is described as a ‘household’.  You will often hear Mosaic referred to as a ‘house’ because it is made up of many individuals and families, who know we are better together as we can encourage each other in our growing and going. Once we are ‘all in’ as followers of Jesus our understanding of God, ourselves and the world is primarily referenced against the Bible, as we look at all scripture through the lens of Jesus. Although God no longer defines His relationship with us on the basis of our performance or behaviour, how we behave does provide evidence that we belong, as we display the family likeness to Jesus in our words and actions. In Mosaic, everyone is still on the journey of becoming more like Jesus.

Becoming a Covenant Partner